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Who Are Wound Care Specialists?

Wound care specialists are health care professionals who have been trained in the care and treatment of all types of wounds, acute and chronic.  Among the most commonly treated wounds are those sustained from an acute injury, surgical wounds, diabetic wounds and pressure sores.

Additionally, health care wound care professionals help an estimated 5 million Americans who suffer from wounds that will not heal. Those suffering from wounds that will not heal experience a disruption to their everyday lives, and wound specialists can have a significant impact on their quality of life.


Why see a Wound Care Specialist?

Wound care specialists deliver cutting-edge health care. For example, at Accent Podiatry Associates, our multidisciplinary approach coupled with our physicians’ diverse clinical knowledge covers a wide range of modalities to improve the patient's wound healing and thus, improve their quality of life.

Some wounds that our foot & ankle surgeons treat may include:

Our Wound specialists’ may add new therapies such as a specialized treatment like the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, grafts or other modalities to improve the healing process. Hyperbaric treatments provide 100% oxygen inside a pressurized chamber to aid healing.

A key role of our wound specialists lie in patient and family education. Wounds heal differently for everyone and improvements are not seen overnight.

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